March 20th, 2024 | 4 weeks

    Water damage prevention, with a side of savings.

    Damage to the home caused by water is one of the costliest and most stressful situations homeowners deal with. Even worse? Most homeowners don’t even know they had a leak to start. The impact of water damage can result in way more than just wet floors – like potential mold growth over time, broken pipes, damaged walls, and destruction of your home’s structural integrity. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 14,000 people nationwide are impacted daily from water damage.  

    When it comes to a leak, it’s critical to get the leak stopped and water dried up within the first 24 hours to avoid the growth of mold. The good news is that there are options for systems, like an automatic water shut off system, to keep you aware of any leaks in your home that will even shut off your water to prevent excessive damage. Even better? We’ve partnered up with Phyn, a trusted provider of property and water protection systems, to make it easy to find your ideal one.   

    The Phyn Plus system includes a water shut-off mechanism that leverages advanced machine learning and AI to accurately alert you the moment a leak is detected and if needed, will automatically shut off your water. The result? The avoidance of extreme damage done to your property and the costly fixes that come with it. We’ll just go ahead and add this cherry on top: When you purchase a Phyn Plus through us, you’ll get 15% off the system. Wait, it gets better: Phyn will let us know once you’ve installed it and we’ll apply 10% off your Bamboo homeowner policy’s premium**. 

    To get started, email with your policy number and a quick note asking for the Phyn link.

    About Phyn 

    Since Phyn’s start, they’ve shown unwavering dedication to improving users’ health, well-being, and communities by strengthening their relationship with water. Their mission is to create the best technology for a more sustainable relationship with water by reducing loss and protecting property and life on the only known planet to support humanity. Learn more about them by visiting 

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