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We really are here to help.

When you get a policy from us, you’re not just getting personalized coverage. You’re getting an entire team of Advocates ready to be there for you when you need them most.

When to file a claim

If something unexpectedly takes place and you’re unsure of if your policy covers it.

If the cost of the damage to your property is higher than the deductible.

If living in your home is a potential health or safety risk.

If you caused damage to someone else’s property.

How to file a claim

Call (877) 333-6938 to file a claim.

You’ll then need your Bamboo Policy Number and be ready to answer our confidentiality questions. We will obtain all necessary event details from you and address the claim on your behalf.

What happens after I file?

Expect a call! After carefully reviewing your claim, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will call you to go over it.

If your claim was submitted during business hours, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will typically be in touch within 4 hours or before 10 A.M. the following business day. If your claim is submitted outside of business hours or during the weekend, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will be in touch no later than noon the following business day.

Quick tip: This is an ideal time to ask any questions and/or go over any concerns you might have – don’t hold back!

How to check the status of your claim?

When it comes to checking your claim, you’ve got options.

Our top recommendation is reaching out directly to your assigned Claim Advocate!

If your schedule’s a little too tight for a call, you can also send a quick email to requesting an update, along with your claim number or policy number.

Lastly, you can always call (877) 333-6938 to check on that.

Quick tip: Make sure you have your claim number or policy number ready to provide when you do reach out.

A look into the Bamboo Claims Process

Keep in mind that each claim is unique, and the process may vary. Regardless, you can always bet on us being transparent about what’s going on with your claim.

  • We’ll obtain complete information from you
  • Complete on-site inspections as needed
  • Assess coverage available under the policy
  • Resolve your claim based on findings of the investigation and final coverage determination


Quick tips for during the process:

Time is of the essence in these situations and a quick response can make a major difference in the extent of damage.

Need more?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the coverage you need for yourself and your loved ones.

Make a claim:

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Take it from our clients!


A top rated insurance company.


I was provided the information I needed for a new policy and got a better deal then I had anticipated. Great conversation with representative with everything explained and understood. Great experience.

Marilyn F. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


After attempting for over a week to change my $8,000 California Fair Plan Policy to monthly installments & dealing with 4 other agents who not only failed to make the change but never followed up with phone calls or emails, the deadline for changing the payments before my policy expired, came & went. Steven not only managed to make the change for me, despite the deadline, he was able to post my first payments same day which I was told was impossible by agents at CFP when I contacted them directly. I am so grateful to Steven for turning what was the most frustrating customer service I have ever experienced into a saving grace. So grateful to him for potentially saving me from what could have become financial crisis. Thanks, Steven!

Randy C. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


We needed a California FAIR Plan policy and a Difference in Coverage Plan to replace our canceled [other company] policy. Kept getting the runaround from many other brokers on how long it would take to get a FAIR policy and the fact that they didn't seem to know what they were doing.
Noah, at Bamboo, went over and above to respond to our inquires, provide quotes, take time to answer any questions and get us insured in a matter of days, not weeks like the other brokers said it would take. He even worked with our Mortgage company to get the policies added to our escrow account. Excellent service throughout the entire process.

Dave L. | Google Review | 02/2024


From my first call to the final signing of documents, my experience was seamless. Communication was great and I'm very happy to be with Bamboo.

Robert S. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


As you know, it's difficult to get good customer service this day and age. I have to say they were on top of it. I worked with Brandi and she was fantastic!

Nicole B. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Rahman was very kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. He responded quickly and helped us secure homeowners insurance after being cancelled by our long time insurer (in CA but with a wildfire risk of zero).

Cheryl R. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Awesome service, knowledgeable agent. From quoting to binding, policy was smooth.

Kaz | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


I cannot believe how easy, seamless and professional our experience was. Our broker backed out of helping us (California and fires) and when I sent what was done for us through Bamboo, our broker wrote back "they did better than I could have for you."! Enough said.

Candice K. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Quick and easy process - gave us different options based on my insurance budget. The agent was great and was able to help me with a policy.

Syed K. | TrustPilot Review | 01/2024


Easy to talk to. Explained everything to me so that I could understand. Because of this, I signed up with Bamboo and look forward to working with them.

Martha H. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024