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We really are here to help.

When you get a policy from us, you’re not just getting personalized coverage. You’re getting an entire team of Advocates ready to be there for you when you need them most.

When to file a claim

If something unexpectedly takes place and you’re unsure of if your policy covers it.

If the cost of the damage to your property is higher than the deductible.

If living in your home is a potential health or safety risk.

If you caused damage to someone else’s property.

How to file a claim

Call (877) 333-6938 to file a claim.

You’ll then need your Bamboo Policy Number and be ready to answer our confidentiality questions. We will obtain all necessary event details from you and address the claim on your behalf.

What happens after I file?

Expect a call! After carefully reviewing your claim, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will call you to go over it.

If your claim was submitted during business hours, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will typically be in touch within 4 hours or before 10 A.M. the following business day. If your claim is submitted outside of business hours or during the weekend, your Bamboo Claims Advocate will be in touch no later than noon the following business day.

Quick tip: This is an ideal time to ask any questions and/or go over any concerns you might have – don’t hold back!

How to check the status of your claim?

When it comes to checking your claim, you’ve got options.

Our top recommendation is reaching out directly to your assigned Claim Advocate!

If your schedule’s a little too tight for a call, you can also send a quick email to requesting an update, along with your claim number or policy number.

Lastly, you can always call (877) 333-6938 to check on that.

Quick tip: Make sure you have your claim number or policy number ready to provide when you do reach out.

A look into the Bamboo Claims Process

Keep in mind that each claim is unique, and the process may vary. Regardless, you can always bet on us being transparent about what’s going on with your claim.

  • We’ll obtain complete information from you
  • Complete on-site inspections as needed
  • Assess coverage available under the policy
  • Resolve your claim based on findings of the investigation and final coverage determination


Quick tips for during the process:

Time is of the essence in these situations and a quick response can make a major difference in the extent of damage.

Need more?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the coverage you need for yourself and your loved ones.

Make a claim:

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A top rated insurance company.


Bamboo Insurance is there for you when no one else is! They are great! They can even get you insurance if you live in CALIFORNIA! WHAT?
You heard me right, give them a call today!

Thank you, Raul and Todd!

Lauren H. | Yelp Review | 05/2024


We were very happy with the assistance we received from Brandi. She was quick to respond to every question and pleasant to deal with. We needed to secure coverage by a deadline, and Brandi made sure that we were able to make it. Highly recommended.

Jim H. | Sitejabber Review | 05/2024


Given all the chaos with insurance companies in California, Bamboo was a breath of fresh air! So easy to get insurance - thank you.

Zoe K. | Google Review | 05/2024


Fast and efficient. Friendly staff. Received quote quickly. Application process was very easy.

Marle S. | Google Review | 05/2024


After my insurance carrier left the state, I was stuck buying state insurance through California. It was expensive and miserable with terrible customer service…so I started looking for a new carrier after being with my new carrier for only a few months. A friend of mine recommended Bamboo. I was happy to see that we have an insurance carrier here in California that is local to California. My representative, Cooper, was helpful, kind, easy, and facilitated my exchange quickly. What a relief it is to not be stressed out over my hazard account.

Crystal K. | Sitejabber Review | 04/2024


Fast response time. Jay was wonderful to work with. I had reached out to 5 other companies and while a couple were quick to respond the rest were not. I highly recommend Bamboo and Jay Vallone.

Diane S. | Google Review | 04/2024


Excellent service! Kyle was extremely patient with my technical shortcomings. Bamboo beat all other insurance companies’ rates.

Rafael O. | TrustPilot Review | 04/2024


I had never heard of Bamboo until we had to go searching for homeowners insurance since ours was non-renewed by Travelers after 12 years. The broker we found (Jay Vallone) is excellent, and Bamboo had a lower rate and an equal amount of coverage.

John H. | Google Review | 04/2024


It was easy to sign up online. Rep was great in getting back to me via email. Gave me few options. Explained all in writing . Received a great deal.

Liz S. | Yelp Review | 04/2024


Due to the state of insurance issues in the arid west, I have been having lots of insurance problems this year. Bamboo Insurance was the exception. In a matter of days with no problems they got me covered.

Mary Jane K. | Yelp Review | 04/2024


Every time I have had a question about my home and/or auto insurance the people at Bamboo have been there for me. Always answering the question or solving the problem efficiently and with something more than courtesy, something that resembles what I remember from my youth in small towns when your insurance agent could also be your friend. I find it very gratifying.

Mark M. | BBB Review | 04/2024


We purchased a new home so needed to get our insurance handled quickly, not easy these days. We received a prompt quote and timely followup from your staff. Thank you!

Mary S. | Sitejabber Review | 04/2024