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I was provided the information I needed for a new policy and got a better deal then I had anticipated. Great conversation with representative with everything explained and understood. Great experience.

Marilyn F. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


After attempting for over a week to change my $8,000 California Fair Plan Policy to monthly installments & dealing with 4 other agents who not only failed to make the change but never followed up with phone calls or emails, the deadline for changing the payments before my policy expired, came & went. Steven not only managed to make the change for me, despite the deadline, he was able to post my first payments same day which I was told was impossible by agents at CFP when I contacted them directly. I am so grateful to Steven for turning what was the most frustrating customer service I have ever experienced into a saving grace. So grateful to him for potentially saving me from what could have become financial crisis. Thanks, Steven!

Randy C. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


We needed a California FAIR Plan policy and a Difference in Coverage Plan to replace our canceled [other company] policy. Kept getting the runaround from many other brokers on how long it would take to get a FAIR policy and the fact that they didn't seem to know what they were doing.
Noah, at Bamboo, went over and above to respond to our inquires, provide quotes, take time to answer any questions and get us insured in a matter of days, not weeks like the other brokers said it would take. He even worked with our Mortgage company to get the policies added to our escrow account. Excellent service throughout the entire process.

Dave L. | Google Review | 02/2024


From my first call to the final signing of documents, my experience was seamless. Communication was great and I'm very happy to be with Bamboo.

Robert S. | Sitejabber Review | 02/2024


As you know, it's difficult to get good customer service this day and age. I have to say they were on top of it. I worked with Brandi and she was fantastic!

Nicole B. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Rahman was very kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. He responded quickly and helped us secure homeowners insurance after being cancelled by our long time insurer (in CA but with a wildfire risk of zero).

Cheryl R. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Awesome service, knowledgeable agent. From quoting to binding, policy was smooth.

Kaz | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


I cannot believe how easy, seamless and professional our experience was. Our broker backed out of helping us (California and fires) and when I sent what was done for us through Bamboo, our broker wrote back "they did better than I could have for you."! Enough said.

Candice K. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024


Quick and easy process - gave us different options based on my insurance budget. The agent was great and was able to help me with a policy.

Syed K. | TrustPilot Review | 01/2024


Easy to talk to. Explained everything to me so that I could understand. Because of this, I signed up with Bamboo and look forward to working with them.

Martha H. | Sitejabber Review | 01/2024

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Smoke Exposure Preparedness
Prepare and protect your home during wildfire season with these tips. Download Here
Emergency Supply Kit
Build your emergency supply kit using this checklist and have your plans established in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Download Here
Navigating Wildfires
Important information on how to prepare for a wildfire and helpful tips to prevent it from spreading to your home. Download Here

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How do I get homeowners insurance?

It’s simple for you – complete this form and then our team of expert Bamboo Advocates will get started on your customized experience.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance probably covers more than you think. With your policy, you’re covering your home and property for situations where damage is caused by extreme weather, vandalism, wildfires, and crime. It even protects you in situations where visitors or guests experience an injury accidentally caused by you. It’s best to chat with your Bamboo Insurance Agent on what all is covered and most applicable to your unique situation.

Will homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies help cover water damage inside the home if the cause is sudden and accidental. That means it would likely cover the cost to repair your ceiling or floor if a pipe bursts. On the flip side, homeowner’s insurance usually does not cover a slow leak that might’ve been dripping for years behind your refrigerator. It’s not a replacement for general ‘wear and tear’ on your home, but rather sudden and accidental perils. Additionally, homeowner’s insurance generally covers pipes in your home. It does NOT cover the pipes outside of your home that connect to the main water line in the street. If a pipe bursts there, you might need to pay to have someone dig up your front yard to repair the problem. If you think this kind of coverage could come in handy, ask your agent about ‘Service Line’ coverage.

Am I covered if a tree falls on my house?

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers the costs of removing the tree or shrub that fell on an insured structure. If a fallen tree doesn’t damage your home or other structures but blocks a driveway or ramp for the disabled, insurance may pay to have it removed.

What about wildfire? Will I be covered for that?

Homeowners insurance MAY help cover damage to your home and belongings resulting from a wildfire. Given the high risk of wildfires in some areas, some insurance carriers may not be able to offer coverage for fires. In this case they may offer you a separate policy through the state. Check your policy carefully and double-check that you have the coverage you need.
If your home is in an area with a high risk of wildfire, you may need two insurance policies – one that covers fire and one that covers other perils such as theft, water damage and liability. Together these two policies should provide complementary coverage against most perils covered in a standard homeowner’s policy.

  • Policy 1: The state of California has a FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) program to provide fire insurance to homeowners who have trouble getting coverage from insurance companies. It will cover fire, but not other perils like theft, water damage or liability.
  • Policy 2: If you have a FAIR plan policy to cover fire, your insurance company can offer you a DIC (Difference in Conditions) policy that covers perils that are not covered in the FAIR plan. This includes coverage for perils such as theft, water damage and liability.
Will homeowners insurance cover swimming pools, hot tubs, or trampolines?

Possibly! Pools, water slides, hot tubs, and trampolines can be considered an “attractive nuisance” because small children may be attracted to them and risk getting hurt or drowning. With that, most insurance companies require that pools and hot tubs be fenced. Ask your agent if your homeowner’s policy covers liability related to your pool, hot tub, water slide or trampoline.

What about my personal property? Is that covered?

Sure is! A homeowner’s policy provides different types of coverage for your belongings depending on the type and category of the item.

  • Unscheduled personal property looks at your belongings in aggregate. Coverage is generally listed as a % of Coverage A (i.e., 50%). If you lost your home to a house fire, for example, you would need to replace everything: furniture, fixtures, bedding, clothing, etc.
  • Scheduled personal property refers to types of goods that have separate sub-limits of coverage. Firearms, cash, photography equipment, computer equipment and jewelry all have set sub-limits in a standard homeowner’s policy, such as $5,000 per category. If you have an item worth more than the limit, such as an engagement ring valued at $15,000, you can usually purchase additional coverage for it by providing proof of purchase or an appraisal. If you have a special collection, please bring this up to your agent or an advocate at Bamboo to ensure that you’re covered.
How will I know which homeowners insurance is best for me?

That’s where we come in. We have a team of Advocates who will personalize your coverage, so it covers exactly what you need it to cover. Get started here!

What support does Bamboo Insurance offer?

You’ll have your Bamboo Insurance Agent to rely on (yes, an actual person)! In addition to that, we’ve thoughtfully stocked up our Resource Center with what we’ve heard is most important for you to have access to whenever you need it.

Will homeowners insurance cover me if my dog bites someone?

Maybe. To cover the cost of treating a dog bite, you would need to carry something called ‘animal liability’ coverage. This type of coverage may be included in a homeowner’s policy or may be available for additional cost. Keep in mind, there may not be available coverage for certain breeds of dog, so make sure to read your policy carefully.

What if someone slips & falls in/near my home?

Most slip and fall accidents will be covered, except when you, the homeowner, acted intentionally to cause the slip and fall. If a homeowner’s negligence causes the fall, such as having unmarked obstacles on the property, liability coverage may apply. If there is no negligence, no-fault medical coverage may apply.

I’m getting some renovations done to my house. Are contractors and construction workers covered in my home?

Maybe. Depending on the state and circumstances, a contractor injured on your property may be covered by a homeowner’s liability insurance in coordination with state workers compensation insurance coverage. Homeowner’s insurance will not cover other scenarios with contractors such as poor workmanship.

What types of insurance policies are there?

We’re about to drop some industry terms on you, so brace yourself. If you’re starting out with insurance, it’s smart to get on good terms with these policy types.

  • HO-3: A standard homeowner’s policy
  • HO-4: Renter’s insurance to protects the belongings of someone renting a home or apartment; the owner of the unit would need a separate landlord insurance policy to protect the structure
  • HO-5: A homeowner’s policy with broader coverage for additional perils
  • HO-6: Insurance for someone who owns a condominium; the condo association will likely have coverage to protect the building and its common areas
  • DP-1: Insurance for the owner (landlord) of a property that may be vacant
  • DP-3: Insurance for the owner (landlord) for a property that is occupied by a tenant
I’m trying to make some extra money renting out my house (Airbnb, etc.). Is there coverage for that?

Yes, but you probably don’t have it. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies exclude short-term rentals. The owner of the home requires special insurance to cover the dwelling during rental periods. If you’re truly planning on pursuing this, contact an agent or the rental service for coverage options.

Still left with more questions than answers? Let’s talk.