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Bamboo Insurance covered almost all the major expenses of my complex home repair and recovery from a major slab leak. My Bamboo Insurance Advocate, Ms Jarnae G., consistently demonstrated knowledgeable, helpful and friendly performance at a very high level.

Larry V. | Sitejabber Review


Customer service was phenomenal. My agent was helpful and explained the policy very well.

Lucy A. | Sitejabber Review


Bamboo home insurance was the best thing I could have done. The agent I worked with was outstanding in helping us get fire insurance, which in California is getting ridiculous. Very transparent communication between are agent and the California fair act agency. The price was very fair and I would recommend Bamboo insurance to you if you live in California.

Gary W. | Google Review


Fast and tailored Service! Randy Pantoja was my agent and I was thrilled with his service. He kept it short, to the point, not salesy, yet super helpful and service oriented.

Ahmed N. | Google Review


The only insurance company that is here for rural California now. I spent two months cycling through CA FAIR plan requests for insurance. Each company would initially contact me, then, nothing. BAMBOO has been easy and easily accessible for help with coverage.

Heidi A. | Google Review


Bamboo Insurance is there for you when no one else is! They are great! They can even get you insurance if you live in CALIFORNIA! WHAT?
You heard me right, give them a call today!

Thank you, Raul and Todd!

Lauren H. | Yelp Review


We were very happy with the assistance we received from Brandi. She was quick to respond to every question and pleasant to deal with. We needed to secure coverage by a deadline, and Brandi made sure that we were able to make it. Highly recommended.

Jim H. | Sitejabber Review


Given all the chaos with insurance companies in California, Bamboo was a breath of fresh air! So easy to get insurance - thank you.

Zoe K. | Google Review | 05/2024


Fast and efficient. Friendly staff. Received quote quickly. Application process was very easy.

Marle S. | Google Review | 05/2024


After my insurance carrier left the state, I was stuck buying state insurance through California. It was expensive and miserable with terrible customer service…so I started looking for a new carrier after being with my new carrier for only a few months. A friend of mine recommended Bamboo. I was happy to see that we have an insurance carrier here in California that is local to California. My representative, Cooper, was helpful, kind, easy, and facilitated my exchange quickly. What a relief it is to not be stressed out over my hazard account.

Crystal K. | Sitejabber Review

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Through our trusted carrier network, we offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates that offer peace of mind for every season.

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Smoke Exposure Preparedness
Prepare and protect your home during wildfire season with these tips. Download Here
Emergency Supply Kit
Build your emergency supply kit using this checklist and have your plans established in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Download Here
Navigating Wildfires
Important information on how to prepare for a wildfire and helpful tips to prevent it from spreading to your home. Download Here
Seasonal Checklist for Fire Prevention
Helpful tips on how to prepare your house each season for fire prevention. Download Here

Still left with more questions than answers? Let’s talk.

How do I get renters insurance?

It’s simple for you – complete this form and then our team of expert Bamboo Advocates will get started on your customized experience.

Where do I get renters insurance?

Hi, right here! It’s us! Your Bamboo Advocate will be your point person for obtaining renters coverage options through our vast network of trusted carriers that’s ideal for your specific situation. Get started here!

How will I know which renters insurance I should get?

Good news, your Bamboo Advocate will walk you through that and help you pick coverage that feels like it was made just for you. Get started here!

What does renters’ insurance cover?

It may seem typical coming from us, but renters’ insurance is incredibly important to get for your temporary living situations. And it protects more than you might think. From damage and theft to your personal property, to covering living arrangements in the event your rental becomes uninhabitable – renters’ insurance isn’t something to skip out on. It’s best to chat with a Bamboo Insurance Agent on your coverage options that are most applicable to your unique situation. Get started here!

Does it cover my roomie, too?

Sorry, but no. You may split the rent, but you can’t split insurance coverage, so they’ll need to get their own policy. Additionally, there are other things renters’ insurance won’t cover, like your pet, flood damage, and other things. Our recommendation? You guessed it. Get with a Bamboo Insurance Agent to talk through it! Get started here!

Does it cover my spouse?

Rental policies typically cover residents of your household who are related to you, married to you, or legally adopted by you. However, we highly recommend adding your spouse to your policy and chatting with your agent about coverage to ensure you’ve got enough for both sets of personal property.

What if my rental gets burglarized? Will renters insurance cover stolen items?

You know it! Renters’ insurance covers stolen personal property (i.e., your most prized inanimate possessions), even outside of your rental. If you’re lost in your favorite book at a local bookstore, and your laptop that’s sitting next to you gets swiped, you’re covered (up to your policy’s personal property limit). Get with your agent to check what that limit is for your policy.

What support do I have?

You’ll have your Bamboo Insurance Agent to rely on (yes, an actual person)! In addition to that, we’ve thoughtfully stocked up our Resource Center with what we’ve heard is most important for you to have access to, whenever you need it.

Will renters insurance cover me if my dog bites someone?

Maybe. To cover the cost of treating a dog bite, you would need to carry something called ‘animal liability’ coverage. This type of coverage may be included in a homeowner’s policy or may be available for additional cost. Keep in mind, there may not be available coverage for certain breeds of dog, so make sure to read your policy carefully.

Still left with more questions than answers? Let’s talk.