November 16th, 2023 | 6 months ago | Bamboo Communications

    Bamboo Insurance has been ranked #18 on Insuretech Connect’s Forward50 America’s Report

    Bamboo Insurance, a reimagined insurance organization offering a customer-driven experience through ease and innovation, has been ranked #18 on Insuretech Connect’s Forward50 America’s Report, powered by Sonr. This meticulously curated report takes a deep dive into the insurance industry and its top emergent startups that are leading change. 

    According to the ITC Forward50 America’s downloadable report, the report is intended to provide “a unique, data-driven perspective into emerging industry trends, as well as the ability to draw comparisons between the regions.”  

    The report continues with describing the ranked 50 companies as being “not just any insurtechs; they are the game-changers, the pioneers, the visionaries who are redefining the insurance landscape for the better. This report highlights the fifty standout insurtech companies that will make a lasting mark on an industry that is, at times, renowned for its tradition and rigidity.” 

    Bamboo Insurance continues to see extensive growth in challenging markets, like California, through the continued offering of insurance solutions that are thoughtfully chosen to support homeowners’ intricate needs. In addition to being included on the prestigious ITC Forward50 report, Bamboo has landed on the Inc. 500 list for America’s fastest growing private companies in 2023, has cultivated unique partnerships with bolt and Super Home Warranty, and entered into an agreement with White Mountains. 

    You can download and view the full report on either Sonr’s website (click here) or on the ITC Vegas website (click here).  

    About the Forward50 America’s Report 

    The Forward50: Americas Edition is not merely a celebration of insurtechs; it is a comprehensive guide with the latest insurance innovation trends that are shaping the future of the insurance industry in the western hemisphere. These trends reflect the broader insurance ecosystem’s commitment to adapt, evolve, and improve in the face of changing consumer demands and market dynamics. We also want to pay tribute to those well established insurtech leaders that have paved the way for innovation, proving that lasting success in the insurtech world requires both forward-thinking vision and steadfast commitment. Their stories inspire the next generation of insurtech entrepreneurs, demonstrating that transformation is not only possible but highly rewarding. 

    Source: Downloadable report found here.