April 13th, 2023 | 1 year ago | Bamboo Communications

    5 Spring Home Tips

    Like your car, your home needs regular maintenance throughout the year. As seasons change, so do your home’s maintenance needs. Where it may seem a little daunting to have home to-dos every season, think of it this way – the more upkeep you do, the more money you could save in the long run. That’s why we’ve got 5 starting points for homeowners on spring maintenance for the exterior of the home. 

    The importance of exterior home maintenance 

    Let’s go back to the car example. If you don’t conduct regular maintenance checks on your car, you might be dealing with more serious issues in the future that cost an arm and a leg. Well, the same goes for your house. If you aren’t being proactive with seasonal home maintenance, it may result in bigger problems that cost more money. 

    5 starting points for home exterior maintenance 

    1. Gutters and downspouts: Checking your gutters for clogs may seem like a given, but some homeowners don’t think about also checking the downspouts. These too can get clogged and create serious issues for homeowners. If you’re not thrilled over the thought of climbing up a ladder, there are many local contractors for hire that can help with this task. 
    2. Cracks: Do a perimeter check of your house. Any cracking you see – whether on the driveway, walkways, foundation, or patio – should be filled ASAP. With spring comes rain, and cracks are the perfect spot for rain to seep in and cause damage. 
    3. HVAC unit: As the days get hotter, you’re getting closer to making the move from heat to AC. But get your unit inspected before you take the plunge! Having a certified professional come out and check it could help to prolong the life of your HVAC unit, while also ensuring that it’s completely safe to switch over. 
    4. Roof: Your roof could’ve been damaged this past winter, but you may never know until it’s too late (and very expensive). Having your roof inspected by a professional supports its quality while also potentially avoiding a larger, more costly project in the future. 
    5. Trees & shrubs: One of the best things about spring is watching the plants come back to life. However, if you don’t keep up with where they’re growing back, they could cause damage to your house. Make sure to avoid that potential damage by cutting trees and shrubs back so they’re not in contact with or directly above your house.


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