September 13th, 2023 | 10 months ago | Bamboo Communications

    Getting Your Home Fall-Ready

    I think we can all agree that we’re very ready for the cooler temps that the fall season will bring. But is your home ready? (And we’re not talking pumpkin decorations.) We mean prepping your house and yard to make sure they’re ready to take on the falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and new things this season brings that could impact them. If you’re not sure, we rounded up a few of the best maintenance tips we found to help you out!

    Your house

    • Clearing roof and gutters: Go ahead and clear debris off and away from your roof and gutters. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-and-done chore. During fall, leaves well…fall…and allowing your roof to get covered and your gutters to get clogged could result in costly damages.
    • Changing your filters: Having fresh air filters will keep your home at the temperature you’re wanting it.
    • Assessing for cracks in and around your house: When water gets into cracks, then freezes, it expands. So not only will your cracks get bigger, so will the cost of fixing them.
    • Checking for drafts inside the home: As the weather gets cooler, feel around for any areas that might be allowing the outdoor air in (like under doors that lead outside, windows, etc.). Getting these gaps addressed before the winter cold will help save on energy (and money).

    Your yard

    • Scheduling an aeration treatment: Having your yard aerated will help to restore your grass from having been fried over the hot summer. Hello, green luscious grass for fall!
    • Planting bulbs: Depending on your geographic location, planting flower bulbs in the cooler fall months, like September and October, helps to support stunning blooms come spring and/or summer.

    As always, if you’re looking for a little extra protection this season, fill out this form and one of our trusted Bamboo Advocates will reach out and help you find just what you need.